Dear Friends,
“Times They Are A’Changing”…. as I write, our churches are preparing for the installation of our new Rector this November (Tuesday 5th at 7.00 pm at St Helen’s). Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon, will be officiating. This is ‘good news’ indeed!

Do please join us if you can as we welcome Rev Jennifer Lane as our Rector that evening. Jenni is currently Rector of the Benefice of East Dere Street (the churches at Barton, Cleasby with Stapleton, Croft, Eryholme, Mansfield and Middleton Tyas with Moulton), so she comes to us well-used to leading a rural Benefice.

During our 18 months of inter-regnum, our Churchwardens from across our Benefice have been meeting regularly with me to plan our rota of services. Our next meeting is set for early October and I’m delighted to say, Jenni will be joining s as we plan services from Remembrance Sunday (10th November) through to next February including our busy schedule of Christmas services.

So, yes, the times are changing again – and this time for the better!

Many will remember our earlier former Rector, Richard (who left us in 2013). Richard was renowned for writing something engaging about birds and other animals. Whilst I’ve no such gift, I’m also struck by another change occurring. We are close now to the time when the scene which – every repeating year – fills my heart with joy (the sight of those magnificent swifts and swallows in my home village of Thrintoft), will be replaced by the sadness of seeing their departure south for the winter. The swifts seem already to be gone. The swallows are lining up on the telegraph wires. Yet, we can be assured that, as sure as the seasons come and go, so too will those majestic birds return next Spring. So, let’s pray tat when they do, our new Rector, Jenni, will be well and truly settled into our midst and let’s give thanks that she’ll be leading us onwards in our worship and in the service of everyone across our Benefice.

With all good wishes and every blessing,