Is it me or does Christmas seem to get earlier every year? Obviously, in reality
Christmas Day is the 25th December, but this year the ‘Christmas Season’
seemed to start being hinted at in October.

I have friends who started counting down sleeps ‘til Santa in September, friends
who every year make an effort to ‘run away’ and stay away for as long as they
possibly can over the festive period, and friends who have nowhere to run, can’t
abide the whole Christmas thing and carry on regardless, head down, waiting in
earnest for January 2nd when Valentine’s cards and Easter eggs appear in the

Whichever way one looks at it, it’s very difficult to ‘ignore’ Christmas. It seems
that very few are unaffected by December 25th, and quite often in a negative way.
Many are running around in excited anticipation, some are praying that it’s over
and done with, with a sense of foreboding, some ‘escape’. I’ve always been in
awe of the few who just get on with it; just enjoy the lights, the anticipation, the
joy, without feeling the need to buy into the secular side of it all.

I’ve always liked this joke: It’s approaching Christmas and a young boy is praying
upstairs while his brother sits by him and his grandma is downstairs. He prays “Lord I
pray for a Nintendo DS game, an iPod, and AN X BOX!!!” You don’t have to shout’’,
says his brother “God’s not deaf.” “I know” said the little boy, “but grandma is.”
However you choose to celebrate Christmas, or not, as the celebration of the
birth of our Lord fast approaches, and the hustle and bustle take hold, why not
take time out to join us at one of our services to celebrate the real meaning of
Christmas? The best things in life are not always wrapped up in paper and tinsel,
but in the still, small voice of the infant Christ.

With best wishes for a joyous Christmas and blessed New Year,

From all at The Rectory

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