The Benefice of Lower Swale Churches is committed to promoting a safer church
and complies with Church of England safeguarding policies.

Our Safeguarding Officers for
Ainderby, Kirky Wiske, Maunby and Yafforth are:

Shawn Costello
01609 772324

Rev’d Jenni Lane
01609 631122

Our Safeguarding Officers for
Kirkby Fleetham, Langton and Scruton are:

Bridget Vickers

Rev’d Jenni Lane
01609 631122

The Benefice works closely with the advice of the Diocese of Leeds Safeguarding Team
For further information please visit:
Office number: 0113 353 0257

The Policy Statement on Safeguarding in the Church was adopted by the Benefice on 9 January 2021

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