Services Around the Parish


18th April    Maundy Thursday      White
7.00pm         Ainderby                       Holy Communion                  William

19th April    Good Friday  
11.00am      Kirkby Fleetham          Good Friday pilgrimage walk from Kirkby Fleetham village center to St Mary’s Church led by Bishop Nick Baines
2.00pm        Scruton                           Benefice Devotional Service  Bishop Nick Baines

21st April     Easter Day                    White / Gold
11.00am      Ainderby                 Benefice Confirmation & Holy Communion Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley
Readings: Acts Ch 10 v 34 to 43, John Ch 20 v 1 to 18

28th April    Easter 2                        White
9.30am       Kirby Wiske            Morning Prayer          Paul
11.00am     Langton                  Holy Communion       Rev Lesley Ashton
11.00am     Yafforth                  Morning Prayer BCP   Paul   ** NOT 09.30am
Readings: Acts Ch 5 v 27 to 32, John Ch 20 v 19 to end

5th May     Easter 3                   White
9.30am       Scruton                   Holy Communion        William
11.00am     Ainderby                Holy Communion        William