Sunday, 3rd March: Lent 3
Kirby Wiske 9.30am Morning Worship Paul
Scruton                      9.30am               Holy Communion                    Jenni & Stasi
Kirkby Fleetham      11.00am               Holy Communion                    Jenni & Stasi

Sunday, 10th March: Lent 4 (Mothering Sunday)
Scruton 9.30am Holy Communion Jenni & Stasi
Ainderby                   11.00am               Morning Worship Paul Kirkby Fleetham 11.00am Holy Communion Jenni & Stasi                                                 

Sunday, March 17th  2024: Lent 5
Kirby Wiske                9.30 am                Holy Communion                              Jenni
Kirkby Fleetham      11.00 am               Morning Worship                 Stasi
Ainderby                   11.00am               Holy Communion                 Jenni & Paul

Sunday, March 24th, 2024: Palm Sunday
Scruton                       9.30am                Morning Worship                                Paul
Yafforth  9.30am                 BCP Holy Communion          Jenni & Stasi
Langton                    11.00am              Holy Communion               Jenni & Stasi

Holy Week: Wednesday 27th March 2024: Evensong
Yafforth 7pm Holy Week Evensong Paul & Stasi

Thursday 28th March 2024: Maundy Thursday
Kirkby Fleetham          7pm                    Holy Communion                     Jenni/Stasi

Friday 29th March 2024: Good Friday
Ainderby Steeple     2.00pm         Good Friday Devotional Service          Paul
Scruton                     2.00pm          Good Friday Devotional Service Jenni/Stasi

Sunday, 31st March 2024: Easter Day
Kirby Wiske             9.30 am           Easter Morning Worship Paul Scruton                    9.30 am           Holy Communion                            Jenni/Stasi
Ainderby                11.00am           Holy Communion                                      Jenni
Langton                 11.00am            Easter Morning  Worship                         Stasi

Sunday, April 7th, 2024: 2nd Sunday of  Easter                               
Maunby                   9.30am            BCP Morning Prayer                                 Stasi
Scruton                    9.30am            Holy Communion                     Lesley Ashton Kirkby Fleetham   11.00am            Morning  Worship                                     Paul             

Sunday, April 14th, 2024: 3rd Sunday of Easter                          
Kirby Wiske              9.30am           Holy Communion                          Jenni/Stasi
Scruton                     9.30am           Morning  Worship                         Paul
Ainderby                 11.00am           Holy Communion                          Jenni/Stasi                            

Sunday, April 21st, 2024: 4th Sunday of Easter
Ainderby                 11.00am          Morning  Worship                                    Paul  Kirkby Fleetham    11.00am          Holy Communion                           Jenni/Stasi

Wednesday 24th  April 2024
Scruton                      7pm              Evensong                                        Jenni/Stasi

Sunday, April 28th , 2024: 5th Sunday of  Easter      
Scruton                    9.30am           Morning  Worship                                    Stasi  Yafforth                   9.30am           BCP Holy Communion                            Jenni
Langton                 11.00am    Holy Communion                                    Jenni

Sunday, May 5th, 2024: 6th Sunday of Easter  
Kirby Wiske             9.30am           Morning  Worship                           Paul/Stasi
Scruton                    9.30am           Holy Communion                                    Jenni
Ainderby               11.00am            Holy Communion                          Jenni/Stasi

Thursday, May 9th, 2024: Ascension of the Lord
Scruton 7pm Evensong Paul/Stasi

Sunday, May 12th, 2024: Sunday after Ascension Day                            
Maunby                   9.30am           Holy Communion                           Jenni/Stasi   Scruton                   9.30am           Morning  Worship                                     Paul  Langton                 11.00am           Holy Communion Jenni/Stasi                                                             

Sunday, May 19th, 2024: Pentecost  (Whitsunday) 
Kirby Wiske              9.30am           Holy Communion                          Jenni/Stasi
Ainderby                11.00am           Morning  Worship                          Paul/Stasi
Kirkby Fleetham   11.00am            Holy Communion                                Jenni

Sunday, May 26th, 2024: Trinity Sunday                              
Scruton                     9.30am           Holy Communion                                  Jenni
Yafforth                    9.30am            BCP Morning Prayer     Stasi
Ainderby                11.00am            Holy Communion                            Jenni