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Clive ToddA Letter from the Rectory

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Newsletter for March 2018

Preparing for Easter!

As I write this letter Lent has begun! Yes, it’s that time of year once more when we think about giving something up which will be of benefit to us once Lent is over. We all have things which we can deprive ourselves of, chocolate is a favourite, or sweets and crisps etc. Fasting for six weeks can be a bit of a challenge to us today, because we have so much choice and the availability of so many things which are naughty but nice is at times rather overwhelming. It takes quite a bit of determination to give up something which we enjoy even if it is only for a relatively short period of time, but the rewards of doing so can be quite dramatic.

We can become lighter, fitter, healthier, and feel so much better about ourselves mentally if we take our Lenten Fast seriously and maintain it throughout the 40 days. The challenge however is not so much about keeping a change of lifestyle going throughout the season of Lent, but rather continuing that change for the rest of our lives. Fasting is not so much about giving things up temporarily but about ensuring that we, upon reaching our goal, then strive to go even further.

This can be said about our spiritual lives just as much as it can about our diets. Lent is a time for creating a change, a chance to make a difference and what better way of seeking to address this change than in seeking to use our fast as a means to something else. Jesus was famished when he was in the wilderness and yet he refrained from temptation because he filled the void of physical food with spiritual nourishment. This is what kept Jesus going and the same thing can apply to us. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Devoting ourselves to God, resting in his presence and seeking to be fed by him is always it seems an ideal which often alludes us, and yet in reality if we can only seek to improve our quality time with God just a tiny amount, the change to the rest of our lives will be phenomenal.

So this Lent, as you strive to maintain your fast, remember the reason for a little self-denial is to create a better you, a more vibrant personality, a healthier body and a healthier mind, a mind set on God more fully so that we can truly be fed by him, and in so doing be enabled to live out our lives freed from the temptations of the world.

Have a happy Lent for through a little self-denial you will find yourself truly prepared for Easter.

God bless,