A Letter from the Rectory

Thoughts for the month

Dear Friends,

Lent & the Holy Family:  As I write it’s March 19th, the day we celebrate as St Joseph’s Day. Joseph, husband of Mary, earthly father to our Lord Jesus. Then on 25th March we’ll celebrate the day we call the Annunciation to Mary day (Lady Day), when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary she was to bear the Son of God.

These are two truly important days in our calendar of worship. They fall within Lent, and for me it’s always a joy to recall during this season of reflection the earthly family Jesus came to live with, grow up in, to be loved and nurtured before his momentous 3 year public ministry culminating in the events we’ll recall and celebrate once more this coming Holy Week and Easter.

Holy Week & Easter:  We’re blessed with two Bishops joining us this year. Bishop Nick leads the Good Friday walk from Kirkby Fleetham and the afternoon service at Scruton. Bishop Helen-Ann leads our Easter Day celebrations at Ainderby Steeple. Do join us!

Patterns of worship:  Speaking of worship, we held our first of the new Evensong services on Ash Wednesday with a most healthy 23 attending. Derek Sharpe and I hope that you’ll join us for future Evensong services which become a regular monthly event soon. The 2nd of these new services will also be at St. Helen’s on Wednesday 8th May followed by a special service on Ascension Day, 30th May. And if you wonder what our Morning Prayer services using Common Worship are like, well they’re much more about
joyful worship and so we’re restyling them as Morning Worship services with a new set of booklets across most of our churches from the end of March (Maunby & Yafforth have a long tradition of the Book of Common Prayer, so respecting that tradition they’ll continue to use BCP Morning Prayer).

We hope that having a range of worship services on offer across the Benefice will enable you to join us to worship in a form you find most suits you. You’ll see we have Holy Communion services every week and most weeks we have the new Morning Worship services or BCP Morning Prayer as well.

Clergy:  Regrettably there is still no positive news to report on the two vacancies. We pray that the Spirit will move candidates to apply to come to lead worship here with us soon.

It’s also not long until our skies will be blessed with those most majestic of birds, the Swifts and the Swallows – now there’s a thought top brighten our hearts I’m sure!

Wishing you a truly joyful Easter from everybody involved in leading our congregations across the benefice.

Lay Reader Minister