A Letter from the Rectory

Thoughts for the month

Who would have thought!?

Who would have thought that I would have been in the Lower Swale Benefice for nearly three years? It seems only yesterday that I came. I have had the joy of village life and even the joy of riding my bike since that area is quite flat in comparison to the Upper Dale! The bungalow and its lovely big garden provided plenty of room for my hen and my dogs and being semi-retired I have had more than enough time to increase my vegetable growing to enable me to become self sufficient at least with veg and eggs!

So, you might ask, why am I leaving? It would be a good question. I believe that I was called here to learn a few lessons about my relationship with God and myself. I was called to do that by being in company of the people in the
Lower Swale Benefice. In order to learn those lessons I needed to be the House for Duty Priest here.

I have learned so much from you all about generosity of Spirit; about commitment and loyalty; making the most of life even when that life is very hard. I have learned about community and sharing; I have learned about simple pleasures and have learned about hospitality and the giving of oneself either as a listening ear or a pair of willing hands.

So my lessons are learned and my work is done. It is time to move on and leave you to teach someone else all that they need to learn about their relationship with themselves and God.

Where am I going? Because of the generous legacy from my Mum and some careful saving on my part I going to a small two bedroomed cottage that I have bought in the Lincolnshire Wolds. It has a large garden, more than enough to continue to keep hens and grow some veg, as well as enough space for my two dogs and myself and plenty of apple trees to allow me to continue  make my own cider.

I have been very blessed here. Thank you for all that you have shared with me and taught me. My prayer is that I shall continue to be able to pass on some of what I have learned and that you will continue to be blessed by this wonderful place.

God Bless.