A Letter from the Rectory

Thoughts for the month

Dear Friends

Reflections on Christmas 2018:
For many the spirit of the Christmas
season appears to be gone all too soon. Looking back at our special
December services to celebrate the birth of Our Lord we had superb
numbers joining in worship: 480 at the 8 Carol Services in the Benefice
(including St Helen’s hosting the North Mowbray WI service); 243 at the Christingle services (2 held in St Helen’s, 1 in St Mary’s); 51 at midnight mass at St Radegund’s; and 80 at the Christmas Day family service and
communion. One might say “Pretty good numbers for a disperse rural Benefice”.  Huge thanks to everyone involved.

As promised, to keep everyone up-to-date concerning the vacancies for the posts of Rector and for our part-time House for Duty Priest – both will be re-advertised in revised forms this month, with potential interviews to be held before Easter. We continue to pray that the Spirit calls applicants to seek to come to serve our Benefice.

As announced in December, Bishop Helen-Ann will hold a Confirmation Service for the Benefice on Easter Sunday at St Helen’s.  Confirmation classes have begun. We hope that as many as possible will come to this Easter Day service to support the candidates for confirmation.  And there’ll be a baptism too within the service (keeping the Bishop busy!).

Maintaining Sunday Worship in 2019:
With all Church Wardens we’ve recently been planning the next phase of service provision from May through to the beginning of October. Hopefully benefitting from further support of visiting Ministers we plan to sustain at least one Communion service each week somewhere within the Benefice, alongside our continuing Morning Prayer worship. Of course, if the vacancies for our priests are filled our plans would be thankfully revised. We’d encourage you to travel to another church in the Benefice if we can’t offer a  service in your local church on a particular Sunday. Several members of congregations are offering to assist with travel, which is so greatly appreciated.

We’re going to reintroduce a monthly Evensong service from May through to October. But rather than having these on a Sunday evening, we’ll be testing out a mid-week (Wednesday evening) 7pm service – alternating between St Radegund’s at Scruton and St Helen’s at Ainderby.  We’d love you to come and join us. If you want to find out what an
enjoyable special service Evensong is, you can get a foretaste on Ash Wednesday (6th March) when Derek Sharpe and I will lead a service that evening at St Helen’s.

With every blessing
Paul Chubb
Lay Reader