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Clive ToddA Letter from the Rectory

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Deanery Pilgrimage!

Well what a wonderful occasion the pilgrimage was! Getting together with everyone from the Deanery is always a joy, as we not only had the privilege of worshiping together but we also had the time to meet new people and share food and fellowship with them. The whole point of pilgrimage is for us to go on a journey together and that is exactly what we did. I was delighted that over 20 people came along for the start at Ainderby and my thanks to Dorothy Carr for providing everyone with tea and coffee.

Our act of worship we rescheduled as we awaited our Bacon Butties kindly donated by the Wellington Heifer at Ainderby, which were delicious and greatly enjoyed by everyone present, so many thanks to Rob and his team for their support. Then off we went to Bedale a little late but at least most of our pilgrims arrived in time for the service and had the opportunity of learning a little of the history of St. Gregory’s. Then it was only a short hop to Newton le Willows where a splendid lunch had been provided. Following our refreshments, we had a Songs of Praise special with favourite hymns being chosen and their special relevance shared with all present.

It was great to have over 50 people sharing in that time together serving to remind us that we are all part of the larger family of the Church.   Every pilgrimage is different and no doubt something fresh will emerge for next year, so many thanks to everyone who supported it and for those of you who missed it on this occasion, do look out for next year’s and let us rejoice in the Lord together as one Deanery Family supporting each other as we seek to give praise and thanksgiving to God in and through our joint service to the Lord.

With my every blessing