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Clive ToddA Letter from the Rectory

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Mission and Ministry and its place in our communities!

Mission and Ministry should be at the forefront of our thinking as we come to the end of this Easter Season and begin to look forward to the long season of growth within the church which takes us from the feast of Pentecost right through to Advent.
It is fitting that we recognise the gift of the Holy Spirit of God sent to us through and in Jesus on 4th June, at this service we recognise the
beginning of the formation of the Christian Community of which we are now a part. The role of Mission from the very first feast of Pentecost was one of great expectations. Those within the Church were so filled with the presence of God’s power that they were to become willing Ambassadors for Jesus and go forth to make new followers to add to their number.
Today that self- same power resides within us, but we seem to have lost some of its drive and vibrancy. Perhaps it’s because so many of us within the Church are growing older and are at times a little battle weary! Yet in reality that should be acting as the catalyst for greater action rather than being seen as an excuse to give up and do nothing. Mission is not just about being an example to others in the hope that they will seek to be like us and as a result come to Church like us, it is far greater than that.
Mission is about being so filled with the power of the Spirit that we create the atmosphere needed in our very visual and technological age to be able to take others with us into something which is different and engaging, which is filled with the love of the Lord Jesus, which speaks powerfully to the World of an alternative way in which to live. This action, this
vibrancy, this love of the Lord Jesus is what we need to show forth to
others that they will be queuing at the doors desperate to be a part of something which is so powerful and filled with life and love.
Mission therefore goes hand in hand with Ministry, and that Ministry of the Church is a call to every Disciple of Jesus today! Ministry has often been seen to be that which is done for us by Clerics of the Church. Priests have always been and will remain those who are called upon to pray for and lead the spiritual life of the community. Discipleship however is not the Priestly Role today, rather that is every member’s responsibility. That is why I am about to re-start the Mission and Ministry Forum meetings at the Rectory. Are you fired up for Jesus! Well if you are not you should be!
Come and join us to develop our Mission and Ministry Strategy and to seek to grow our Churches both spiritually and numerically.
The next meeting will be at the Rectory in Ainderby on Monday 5th June, 7.30pm – 9pm
This is the day after the feast of Pentecost, so come to Church on the Sun-day be fired up by Jesus then come to our meeting to find new ways to move forward so that our Church may grow and continue to flourish.

With my every blessing