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Clive ToddA Letter from the Rectory

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Who would believe that it is coming up to Christmas again?

I know a number of people who are just waiting for this year to end because they have had such a difficult one, and I feel encouraged that even though they have had such a hard time they still have the hope that next year will be better.

Christmas is about hope.

Not just the hope of presents and parties and time to forget difficulties and be together with family and friends, but the hope of the Kingdom of God; the rule of love.

The classic story in the gospel of Luke of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus; of difficulties overcome and joy acknowledged; of the shepherds being privileged over the rich rulers and wise men bringing gifts, tells us about hope on all kinds of different levels. It tells of the hope of a young mother that she has a healthy child; of a father that he can provide for every situation; of shepherds that they might be acceptable and of travellers that they might find their way. It tells us about how love overcomes all impossible obstacles and transforms any difficult situation so that everyone feels good about themselves and who they are.

I hope that this is true for you this Christmas; that you are touched by love and are transformed by it, so that next year has a bright new beginning, full of hope for all it has to offer and one step closer to the Kingdom of God.

Blessings of the Season,